It’s All About Mindset

Al Wisnefske
Al Wisnefske
Published on January 10, 2020

This past week I chose to read “It All Matters” by Paul Cummings.

The book does a tremendous job of breaking down what actually needs to happen in order to achieve something you dream of. It can either be personally or professionally. And no, it’s not about how much money you have or start with.

It really comes down to your mindset. Can you visualize achieving what you desire? Are you tackling each day with a positive attitude? Are you confident in your ability to achieve whatever you want?

Having a positive attitude and carrying confidence each and every day puts you in the top 1%.

This is referenced in the book.

How am I applying this?

This week started with a long and winding road of a deal that started back in late August falling apart. We’re mere days from closing, but issues arose. There are solutions, but everything is pointing to a lost cause.

I allowed myself 15 minutes (which was probably too long) to be upset. I took a break from everything. At the end of 15 minutes, it was time to grind. Rather than being upset over one deal, I chose to move on to other deals and trying to put 5 more deals together.

Real estate consumes my life, so a lot of my examples will come back to that.

The next day I was out showing a new property to a Preferred Buyer and working on an offer for a listing. My mind is much clearer when my attitude is positive and confidence is high. Plus, I owe it to clients to always be in the best mindset.

So, if you’re down, give yourself 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, move on and get over it!

Onward and upward,


About Al Wisnefske: Al Wisnefske is the Broker/Owner of Land & Legacy Group LLC. He is a multi-million dollar producer specializing in land, home, and farm sales in Southern Wisconsin. His #1 philosophy is: “Relationships over Transactions.”

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