The LEGACY Process

I’ve developed a proven 5 – step LEGACY process for property owners whose lifestyles have shifted. Their properties have become more of a liability than an asset. This process serves as the foundation for cementing your legacy. This is a simple and seamless transition to downsizing and starting on the next chapter in your life.

Confidently downsize and start on the next chapter in your life…

Step 1 – LEARN

To fully understand your problems, fears, and desires about the selling process, we need to learn what your big WHY is – Why are you selling? Why now? Why is this the right choice? We’ll work together to understand what’s currently going on in your life that is pushing you to make this change. We want to map out what features your current situation is lacking and what your end goal is.

We’ll put pen to paper here. It’s vital to understand as much as possible before getting started. We also may come to terms that we aren’t a good fit for each other – and that’s okay! It’s best to have this important conversation first.

Step 2 – ELEVATE 

Tim Allen was the star of the show Home Improvement. He was notorious for always making crazy upgrades to his home. Unfortunately, they usually ended up creating more damage than actually improving the property. We want to avoid that. We need to make sure your property is show-ready and elevate it amongst other listings.

Enhancing your property with mowed trails, marked property corners, easy access, and picked up garbage will add to the overall appeal of your property. People can get turned off by doing a driveby or opening the door and the property is in poor condition. We want people to come out and be able to imagine themselves using the property. We don’t want to miss out on a buyer because we weren’t prepared for them.


I want to add horsepower to your listing. Understanding the market based on comparable sales and listings gives us a competitive price. Generating leads, showings, and feedback are all vital for the sale of your property. Highly targeted and leveraged marketing will increase our exposure level. Studies show that buyers online are about 6-18 months away from actually purchasing. Every agent is going to tell you they’ll put your property on the MLS and a sign in the ground, but that’s not enough. It’s the bare minimum. That alone doesn’t get your property sold.

Here is where I turbocharge your listing’s marketing. Social media and online marketing are king. We’ll determine who our buyer is and target them. On average, it takes someone 7 touches before they notice your property. Our social media and websites are designed to reach buyers at this exposure level. Being a Signature Partner for top sites such as: Lands of America, LandWatch, and Land and Farm puts you ahead of the competition from Day 1. You’ll also be getting an update every Monday about the progress of your listing. We’ll be traveling together every step of the way. This will yield written offers for you to consider, and at that point, it’s all about netting you the most money possible.

Step 4 – ACCEPT 

Offers came in and you settled on one you want to work with. There are major steps in the offer itself that need to be worked out. There are a lot of moving parts and issues that may arise. Staying calm, cool, and collected over the course of this process can be the difference between closing and a deal falling through. We need to make sure everything stays on track and we clear all the contingencies. I’ll send you a checklist of all the conditions we need to meet before closing. Inspections, appraisals, and financing are all hurdles we’ll need to jump over, and we’ll confidently jump over them.

Title work and closing statements will be prepared by the title company. We’ll set the final closing date and time as well as final walkthroughs to wrap this deal up. At this point, we have gone through a lot. We have found the perfect buyer for your property. All prior steps helped set the stage for the end. We are going to make sure the transaction goes as planned.


Step 5 – CLOSE 

We’ve reached closing day! Everyone is gathered around the closing table and signing the final documents with keys and any final information being exchanged. The CLOSE is the transition line. You’re closing one chapter and starting the next.

Using the LEGACY process allows the steps to be laid out right in front of you. You can rely on a proven framework and confidently make decisions about the next chapter in your life.

What does your life’s next chapter look like?

Rather than being overwhelmed and not taking action, you finally know exactly what to do and what comes next. Mentally and physically you’re comfortable with your next step and transition to a new situation. Your quality of life is drastically improved.

No more additional property tax payments or money lost to repairs. This gives financial freedom, and your finances will be back in line. Equity from the sale can be used to take a trip or buy a new truck. You can also add to your retirement account.

Your time is spent on vacations to the Rockies, an adventurous hunting trip, and with loved ones. You’ve traded time spent on maintenance, driving, and stress for quality time with family, friends, and relaxation.

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